Thursday, December 29, 2016

Compassionate Veterinary Care Starts with Making the Animal Feel Comfortable

When searching for a veterinarian in St. Clair Shores, Michigan it's important to find one that provides compassionate care to animals. While most vet practices are able to care for the needs of a sick pets effectively, not all offices are the same. Some focus on treating many patients throughout the day, while other veterinarians focus on making the animal feel comfortable by taking their time. Each type will treat the pet's medical condition, but a vet who maintains a calm, trusting environment for the pets treated is going to cause less emotional harm to any pet that comes in the door.

Making the Animal Feel Comfortable
Consider that a sick pet is put into a crate, dragged to the vet's office, and put on a table under harsh light. This isn't going to do much to make the animal feel very comfortable. While the pet owner can make the process easier by getting their pet used to the crate and car rides, the rest is up to the vet's office. The first step is to provide a room for the animal where they can come out of their crate without having to be pulled out. In the waiting room, it always helps to set up dividers so that animals don't have to see each other while waiting for an appointment. For nervous pets, a small, isolated waiting room can work wonders.

How the Animal Is Handled

Vet technicians are great at handling most pets, even those that are stressed and aggressive. The problem is, when a stressed-out pet is handled in such a manner that restricts their movement, this can have a lasting effect on their ability to trust other humans. It takes time to get a pet to calm down and trust the person who is trying to assess their medical needs. Rushing an exam usually leads to the need for the pet to be held tightly. In an emergency, this is often necessary, but a vet who takes the time to allow the pet to relax often provides more compassionate care.

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