Tuesday, December 13, 2016

3 Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Pet

Pets provide companionship and love to people of all ages. At the same time, they’re a responsibility to care for. Pet owners are responsible to provide for the health and welfare of their pets. This involves dedicating time, money and effort to ensure pets have all their needs. Before deciding to get a pet, people should ask themselves the following questions.

Why Have a Pet?
People want pets for different reasons. Those who are lonely often want a pet to fill a void for friendship and companionship. Others may decide to get a pet, such as a dog, for protection and security. People who are considering getting a pet should keep in mind that animals have feelings and require commitment from their owners to meet their needs. Before becoming a pet owner, people should make sure the pet they choose can fit into their lifestyle.
Despite being lots of fun, baby animals such as kittens and puppies need extra TLC and training. Busy people may not be able to provide the attention a young pet may need. Older animals are more likely to adjust to being alone at home while pet owners work or their kids go to school. Pets should complement a person’s way of life to make it easier for both pet and owner to adjust to each other.

Who will Care for the Pet?
In a family home, pets are usually cared for by the entire family. Pet owners have a responsibility to feed, groom, exercise and play with their companion daily. By having a regular veterinarian in St. Clair Shores, pet owners can ensure their pet gets routine checkups to stay healthy and happy. In addition to routine exams, pets may require vaccinations, tests for heart, liver or blood problems, in-depth grooming or dental care. Vets encourage pet owners to take advantage of preventative health care to keep their pet in good health.

Who Will Pay for Pet Expenses?
Like children, pets cost money for their care. Consumers should factor pet needs and cost to include regular vet visits into their budget before taking on the responsibility of a companion. In addition to food and vet costs, pets may need toys, a bed to sleep in, a crate for traveling, grooming products, flea and heartworm preventatives, vaccinations, vitamins and pet medicine when they’re sick in the course of their care. The love and companionship pets provide more than counter for these costs.

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