Saturday, December 10, 2016

Choosing a Vet After a Move

When a person moves, they have usually put a lot of thought and planning into the move, and have a certain understanding why the move was necessary. Still, the moving process remains stressful, even with this understanding. The pets that go along for the ride don't have that luxury. Many get upset when the owners rearrange the furniture, let alone move to a new home. Another one of the major stressors pets will ultimately need  to face after a move is going to a new vet. In order to find a vet in your new community, it is likely that their owners will start by searching "vets near me Detroit," “vet near me in Grosse Pointe” or something along these lines. Moving is a busy time, and it may be tempting just to blindly pick whatever shows up at the top of the search results, however it is better for pets if their owners take the time to dig a little deeper.

Visiting Without a Pet
One of the things not every pet owner considers is making a visit to the vet just to check out the facility before bringing their pet for a check up. Pets pick up on their owner's anxiety, and just knowing things like how get to the new vet, or the layout of the hospital can make humans feel more comfortable, which translates onto the pet.
A visit without the pet also gives pet owners an opportunity to ask questions that are relative to their pet's condition without the distraction of trying to control their pet at the same time. It is a  good idea to make a list of any questions about any potential health concerns, and mention them at the visit, even if they seem minor, because this can bring a better understanding of the issue.

Experience With Various Types of Pets
There are many veterinary practices that a person might find when they search "vets near me Detroit" that serve cats and dogs almost exclusively. While cats and dogs make wonderful pets, many people own "exotic" pets, such as birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and reptiles, who also need to be properly cared for. Pet owners who have these pets, with or without a cat or dog, should inquire about a vets familiarity with these animals as well.

Easing the Stress
No matter how much a pet owner prepares, going to a new vet for the first time may still be stressful for the pet. Owners can help their pets feel more comfortable by getting comfortable themselves. Taking your pet in just to meet the Doctors and staff can really help your pet feel more comfortable too. By bringing your pet in for attention and treats and really help a pet get familiar with the people and environment and even be eager to go to the vet as its associated with positive things. That way, when they need to come in for health concerns or procedures your pet will associate the visit with the kisses and cookies it received last time and won't be so stressed. Also, choosing a vet that prides itself on it's ability to manage stress in pets can prove to be a big advantage that pets will truly appreciate.

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