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When to Take a Pet to the Vet

When to Take a Pet to the Vet

Whether you have a Fluffy, Fido or Tweets, they all can make excellent companions. No matter what kind of pet you have, they require a certain level of care. Unfortunately, this oftentimes means taking care of the pet when she is ill or injured. You obviously want to give your pet the best care, which a pet owner can find by searching “vets near me in Detroit." You must know when it's the appropriate time to take your pet to the vet.

1. The Pet is Losing a Lot of Blood 
If your pet is losing a large quantity of blood, it's important for you to contact the vet immediately. A significant amount of blood loss may lead to the pet requiring a blood transfusion or even worse losing his or her life. The first step to addressing a blood loss problem is to contact the vet and inquire what to do to lessen or stop the bleeding until you can get the pet emergency care.

2. The Pet is Dehydrated 
If a pet isn't drinking; it's oftentimes the sign of a serious problem. Not to mention, it doesn't take long for the pet to experience side effects related to dehydration. In more serious cases, the pets' kidneys may begin to shut down. If you aren’t careful, the kidney damage maybe starting before you are aware there's a problem.

3. The Pet Has a Significant Change in Temperature 
The only way you'll be able to actually tell the temperature of your pet is with a thermometer, and generally it's stuck in a place you probably don't want to put it. However, you can tell significant changes in temperature by touching or holding the pet. A temperature that is too high indicates the pet has a fever, just like a human can get. The increase in temperature may signify an infection or another serious issue is occurring in the pet. The best treatment is to take the pet to the vet for an examination.

4. Pet is Extremely Tired
It's normal for a pet to be tired at times as a result of heightened levels of activity; however, if the lethargy lasts for an extended period of time for no reason, it may indicate an infection or another health problem is occurring. Treatment is needed to correct the problem and stop the tiredness.

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